Cut off M/C

Conventional Milling M/C with vertical, horizontal & universal types also machining centers with multi axis operation.


Conventional & CNC Lathe M/C with different sizes & capacities up to 15m distance between centers & 2m work piece diameters.


All kind of Drilling machine such as Radial drill, column drill, bench drill, milling-drilling M/C and different sizes magnetic drill and cutters.


Grinding machines with different type’s surface, cylindrical and center less

Transfer Machines

Machines for casted products machining with different kinds and sizes.

Portable Machining solution

Portable machines for flange and pipes also boring bar, facers.

Sawing Machine

Hydraulic band saw machine manual, semiautomatic & fully automatic machining and capacities up to Diameters 1250 mm

Pipe Cutting Machine

Pipe flame cutting machine with both manual & automatic feeding for different diameters.