Sheet Metal Work
Press Brakes

All type of Press Brakes, CNC, and Conventional with capacities from 1.25 – 16 meter & from 35 – 2000 Ton.

Shear M/C

All types of Shears Hydraulic & Mechanical, with capacities up to 60mm sheet thick & 6 meter length.


All types of Presses Hydraulic, Mechanicals for all kind of operations and for special purpose and all capacities.

  Hydraulic Press   Hydraulic Press  
Pipe Making

Miscelenious Lines.

Profile making        
Pipe Bender

Pipe bending machines for round & square pipes both Conv., CNC with multiaxis for all purpose production such petrol piping, exhausts and furnatures.

    Simple Pipe Bender   Twin pipe bender
Dish Ending Plate Rolling

Flanging & Dish Ending machine with capacities up to 40mm thick and 9 meter diameter.

Hydraulic 3 & 4 roll sheet rolling machine with conv.,& CNC control and capacities up to 140 mm sheet thick and 6 meter length.

Dish Ending      
Iron Workers

Iron worker for several section kinds with possibility of punching & notching.

Section Rolling

Section rolling machine for different section types both conventional & CNC for several capacities.


Hydraulic punching machine single & turret heads.

Marking Machines

All kind of micropercussion and scrib technologies machines; with the abbility working of handheld ; table machine or combinations .


Hydraulic Notching machine with fixed & variable angles.

Fear Forge

Fear forge machines for production of brackets, Twists, Embossing, end Forging and hand rails